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1) Airfreight Service
Import & Export Among the multi service activities that CARGO PRO is actually performing, Air Freight Service, for both Import & Export shipments, takes great margin of its concern. Airfreight simply means that the ordered goods by the clients are urgently required and should arrive on time and safely.
CARGO PRO, for this purpose, is very keen to use only 1st Class carriers, for which, very attractive and competitive rates were negotiated with them, and recruited skilled and professional staff, very well trained to satisfy the requirements of the clients with extreme perfection and professionalism.

2) Sea freight Service
Import & Export.
Acting as N.V.O.C.C.,
CARGO PRO is not linked with any specific carrier, but rather seeks to book the shipments with the first available vessel.
CargoPro-Sea Freight Service-Lebanon-Liban

CARGO PRO has a Global Networks, with a reliable and efficient Group of Agents Worldwide, they are fully dedicated to respond to our inquiries within 48 hours, thus allowing us to update our clients almost daily on their booked shipments or their requests for charges. With regards to the Sea Freight Export Service, CARGO PRO has negotiated very competitive rates with the local agents of the shipping lines for both LCL & FCL shipments, which permit us to squeeze the expenses to the minion allowing our clients to quote lower charges to their clients to gain the business and make more profits.

CARGO PRO is a global transportation company specializing in shipping automobiles, motorcycles, ATV, golf carts, jet skis, boats, trucks, buse vehicules, industrial machines as well as personal household goods from USA to the destinations worldwide.

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3) Land Transport.
CARGO PRO, has reached agreements with trucking Companies, in several countries in the Middle East , and is fully equipped to handle Group age shipments as well as full trailers to and from almost all the Arabian Countries. Needless to say that very special rate has been agreed with these companies to suit the requirements of all clients.

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4) Customs Clearance - Air & Sea Shipments.
Despite the complicated law of the Lebanese Customs Authorities which the clients suffer a lot whenever they received or export a shipment whether by sea freight or air freight, CARGO PRO has made everything easy to the clients to arrange Customs clearance on their behalf, without even bothering them with unessential demands. CARGO PRO, in other words, can act on behalf of the clients as if the goods are its own property.

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Packing means the safeguard of packed goods from any breakage or other possible damages, CARGO PRO, in this concern, is very keen to use first class, and only first class packing ,materials, and effect the packing in accordance with the nature of goods, their final destination and the method of transportation.

CARGO PRO has made several packing jobs, for which, numerous felicitation messages received for the great jobs achieved.

Door to door services:

There is high demand of this service by many customers who wish to import or export goods without being involved in the routine producers. At this stage, CARGO PRO, with the collaboration of the Worldwide Efficient Agents is very qualified to handle this kind of service, and affect it with extreme perfection and professionalism.

CargoPro-Lebanon-Liban CargoPro-Door to door services

Many people, as well as the expatriates of big companies, have lot of worries whenever they want to move their houses from area, or to send their furniture back to their home country, CARGO PRO, has eliminated these worries by taking care of these removals from A to Z, and has for this purpose, deployed special Closed Vans and Trucks, in addition to the recruitment of skilled staff, to ensure the safe transportation and handling of the furniture.
CARGO PRO, can also arrange suitable packing with detailed packing list, showing the contents of each package for customs purposes.
- is a leading organization in the freight forwarding industry.

- its main mission is to enhance customer satisfaction in terms of dedicated “services and benefits”.

CARGO PRO - its logistics and expertise comprise a full range of services related to:

* Multi-Modal overseas transport (Air-Sea-Land-Rail)
* Customs Brokerage
* Trucking and Door-to Door services
* Consolidations / De-consolidations
* Dangerous goods by Air (packing - packaging - Documentation) (in compliance with the standing ICAO /
  IATA rules and regulations)
* Live animals (individual and bulk) containerizations and movements.
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